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Application Instructions and Tips
Frequently Asked Questions
     How to Repair a Chip or Crack in Tile

Q:  How does Ceramifix work?

A:  Ceramifix bonds with the unglazed portion of the tile and cleans easily from the glazed surface making it a snap to touch up any tile.

Q:  Do I need to prepare the tile before using Ceramifix?

A:  The only preparation you need to do to the tile before using Ceramifix is to make sure the tile is dry and free of dust and debris.  

Q.  How do I apply Ceramifix?

A.  For a chip, apply a small amount right on the area to be covered.  For a crack, first apply along the crack line.  Work the paint into the crack by wiping back and forth over the crack in the opposite direction of the crack line. This can be done with a brush or your finger. Depending upon the depth and width of the crack, you can also use a straight edge such as a putty knife or old credit card to help fill the void while leaving a smooth edge. Wipe away excess with a damp paper towel or allow to set and remove excess, away from the crack line being careful not to interrupt the touched up area, with an object that won't damage the tile such as a credit card or even a plastic bread tie.

Q:  How do I choose the best color to match my tile?

A:  Because all computer monitors display color differently, it may seem difficult choosing the right color online, but it doesn't have to be.  When in doubt, it is always best to choose a lighter shade over a darker shade especially on ceramic where you are trying to touch-up over a darker chip/crack site.  Choosing a lighter shade gives you the control you need to make subtle color changes as needed, it is much easier to darken a lighter shade than to lighten a darker shade.  

Q:  Can I mix two shades together?

A:  Absolutely!  That's the beauty of using Ceramifix!  For example: by mixing two shades together such as White and Sand, you can get the custom color you need in the Cream or Beige shade range.  Apply a small amount from each bottle right onto the glazed surface of the tile you are needing to touch-up.  Mix the shades together starting with small amount of each and working with them until you have matched your existing tile.  You can mix with a small brush, a cotton swab or even your finger.  Then dab the new shade onto the chip or over the crack line until covered.  Having a razor blade or putty knife handy is great for wiping away excess while achieving a flat, smooth surface, but isn't necessary.  Just remember to clean up the area where you mixed your custom shade with soap and water. Should it dry before you can clean it up, use a razor blade or even your fingernail, it will scrape right off.

Q:  Can I wash the area of tile where I used Ceramifix?

A:  Sure, just wait 24 hours for a full cure after application.  

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